Legacy of The Opium Eater

by Monolith (ZA)

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released September 12, 2015

Monolith (ZA) is: Christopher Paterson (Guitars and Vocals)
David Mills (Drums)

All music and lyrics written by Christopher Paterson and David Mills
All music recorded, mixed and mastered by Christopher Paterson and David Mills



all rights reserved


Monolith (ZA) Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Death Metal from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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Track Name: The Opium Eater
1: The Opium Eater

Full night sky, endless twilight, broken by the winter winds
Running chills, a cold that pierces temples
Eyes return to the room, dark emptiness in bloom
My paintings, no longer visible upon the wall
Black drink in hand, opium infused ecstasy
I need to forget this place, my years in isolation begin to haunt me
As does this old crooked monolith of debauchery

The liquid now taking hold, my sight begins to bare the aura
A gaze meets mine, that of the goat man within the painting upon the wall
The eyes are alive, slowly turning to point at the rooms corner
Now lifeless, frozen again in this pose

I look where the two walls meet, a light appears and is inverted
Filtering dark haze in the moonlight.
Track Name: Light Inverted
2: Light Inverted

Countless images flicker, gateways pearing fourth
Stars aligned, universal stairway, embodied reversal,
Physical form a possibility for those dormant and wondering
Upon my knees I can but stare into the void, stars aligned
Time and space all presented in a moment

Far beyond my comprehension he stares back at me
His energy moving towards mine, within a second he is presented
Staring down the silhouette in the doorway, now growing larger
Until it is the only presence, I am paralyzed
It sighs a moan into eternity, vanishing

My thoughts disturbed was the night before a dream?
Hazy memories of the eyes that pierced my soul

Distracted, light snow fall past my window, wind catching the pines
slowly swaying, it eases me.
Track Name: Seemingly False Fantasies
3. Seemingly False Fantasies

My painting, differs from the night before
The goat, the rat has moved within the canvas
His figure presented within the doorway
Horned silhouette, living shadow
Its here I can feel its filthy gaze
Putrid stench fills my home

Down the stairs, they are never ending,
lights guiding them down
In the mist, another world is waiting
My black drink, presented at the bottom
Peering down into the cup
My reflection slowly disappears into the blackness
It absorbs me, I consume it.

My beloved haze returns,
How I've missed feeling weightless unburdened
The mist thickens, tall roots creeping up the walls
Where do I truly reside?

She calls out to me, a melody from heaven
Resonating all around, absolute purity
I cannot help myself, I must find her
She is mine, and I hers
She whispers it to me in my dreams

So familiar, without any recollection
Come and be with me
Together we'll receive our ascension

By the fountain is where she waits, in the water nude
Long black hair covers her, she turns to me,
May I heal you? I cannot form words, she moves closer
Gasping for air, I struggle to breath
She is beautiful, I feel frightened and calm
All in one instance.

She now stands before me,
Her skin cold as ice
My thoughts escape me
My soul is torn, my consciousness fades.
Track Name: Existence Beyond
4. Existence Beyond

Dull afternoon sky, the sun is setting
I awake, to the grey heavy mist
The wind howling through, I feel ill
Convulsing, I spew black vomit on the floor

I see her disfigured face in the reflection
For a moment, was she real?
Staggering away to the farthest corner
A room I have long forgotten bares the aura
Dark crimson silhouettes, there in black
Cauldron hot

My Sabbath, My Witches Sabbath
He orchestrates them, howling chants to the wind
Without thought nor purpose, I enter what lies within
bones broken and bent over, I lie within

A last glimpse of my fragile body, disappearing down
The room has gone quiet, the witches and the goat no longer here
There she is, she has risen where I died
Still so beautiful, is she mine?
I hold her once

Endless ecstasy in the wake of each still moment,
Collective soul mistress of my dreams

Her beauty my everything, I'll go peacefully knowing shes mine
In a dream, I once thought life to be the fantasy,
Memories of space and time

So weightless I am walking upon the clouds of a dense forest
How high to ascend, enormous imperial eagles seare through the sky
Reaching the highest temple, tall gold statues glisten in the radiant sun
Where the eternal souls truly reside.

Ripped back down through the clouds, I brace for impact.
Track Name: Transcendence of The Reversed Soul into Faded Light
5. Transcendence of The Reversed Soul into Faded Light

Screaming as I wake, back inside my empty prison
So thin and weak, my mind a maze of hazy memories
The darkness of old lights, barely burning into the ever expansive black mist
So thin and weak, brittle bones straining to stand
As my mind is slowly fading, I see it, my saviour

There all alone, the blackest drink all mine
Black streams running as I gulp it down
Unconquerable again

A cheerful laugh echoes throughout
She has returned for me
A fleeting glimpse
I follow down the never ending stairs

The house, shrinking behind me with every step
She leaves out the door, I must follow into the cold night
My vision blurred, white snow before me
There it waits, the bringer of my eternal night

The rat faced goat, master manipulator
Eyes that pierce, false liberator
Falling down huddled amidst the cold snow
All weight removed, my soul exhumed
Thrust into never ending dark night
As my body withers and dies
Transcendence of the reversed soul into faded light
Reality and dream a never ending cycle of confusion

So begins The Legacy of The Opium Eater