Memory Palace

by Monolith (ZA)

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Bennie Burger The dudes really came out and delivered something an Extreme Metal Fan would enjoy! Favorite track: Eyes of Providence.
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The second EP by Monolith (ZA) entitled "Memory Palace".


released October 20, 2016

Monolith is:

Christopher Paterson - Guitar/Vocals
David Mills - Drums
Coburn Green - Bass/Vocals
Andrew Viviers - Guitar/Vocals

All music recorded, mixed and mastered by Christopher Paterson
All music copyright of Monolith(ZA)
Artwork by Sjoerd Leistra in association with Saurian Projects



all rights reserved


Monolith (ZA) Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Death Metal from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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Track Name: Memory Palace I
Memory Palace I: (Instrumental)
Track Name: Memory Palace II
Memory Palace:

A soul to live and breath, encased in an exoskeleton.
Its mind, a memory palace. The sweet breeze of redemption,
Washed over an ocean of green and black. Black temples
excrete the flow, mechanical energy surging through the perfect zealot.
The Obelisk of light, a beacon for progression.

Year one until the end of days, consistency the only constant.
Memories remain as the only testament. Skies of mist to cloud,
dark particles to taint the skin. Flesh to ash to dust to earth,
time lapses in infinite motion.

The once sleeping palace, now crowned with conscious life,
waits in the air. Floating perfectly still, its purpose
to be repeated in the sodden fields of historic ash and stone.
The pendulum shifts to uncover the tainted map.
A blotted existence of those outworn by time.

In the aching arenas of resonant skulls, restless souls
searching for restfulness. In the open cavern of extinction,
the sudden visceral liquidation, bid welcome by misanthropy.
Track Name: Torrential Rain
Torrential Rain:

Backs to the forest, a thousand dreams wither and fade.
Memories come to pass. The rains like cold arrows striking dust,
a storm at the temples crescent, looming black taint and thunder.

Torrential rain the only escape, to the dying forest
The greens turning grey, its change is temporary. Bleeding woodland,
bodies pinned and staked. No plausibility is needed to justify the end.
The faces, animated in the rain. Dull and empty,
turned blind by the eyes of providence.

Melting day into night, blocking out the sun. The vessel to
end all life descends.

Solitude, the light at the end. In caves older than time,
one may begin to reflect. Kept within its shade by the rain.

Solo - Paterson

Etchings of what was and what might have been.
Creating an image for the eyes. Unaware of their gaze.
The relic upon the wrist, strapped to your heart.
Track Name: Eyes of Providence
Eyes of Providence: (instrumental)

solo - Viviers
Solo - Paterson

Solo - Viviers
Solo - Paterson
Track Name: Relic

In the sky, its celestial face does not move,
all emotion represented within its gaze.
Terrain like a decrepit hand, all resistance is spent,
its skin flaking like ash in the wind.
The relic, now with the lost man within his tomb.
Its descent is slow, time not yet its burden.

He prepares to drain the life from the lost mans heart.
The black temple cascades over the forest top, the rain is spent.

Moving slow through the air, the ground is a detailed view of the skeletal remains.

Dismounted the entity enthroned in astral armour,
discovers the lost man.

Draped in dead skin, transparent to the bone.
Next to him the relic.
With its golden face still counting.

In micro movements it etches out every second,
the ultimate downfall of the lost man, and all the others.

Solo - Viviers

The relic, giving the entity the same fate
Every second represented in time.